iOS: NSString+HTMLHelper

NSString+HTMLHelper is a collection of methods that helps me deal with HTML tags and URLs. NSString+HTMLHelper Download Link GitHub Sample Usage: Please look at the demo project. It has sample codes on how to use the category. Methods: // Class Methods + (NSString *)mimeTypeFromURL:(NSURL *)pathForResource; + (NSString *)mimeTypeFromResource:(NSString *)pathForResource ofType:(NSString *)type; // Instance Methods – … Continue reading iOS: NSString+HTMLHelper

PHP: ImageHelper

ImageHelper is a simple PHP class that save, resize and/or crop photos. You can download the script in the links listed below. ImageHelper download link Gist Sample Usage : $image = new ImageHelper(); $imageThumb = ‘../images/thumb/’ . $imageID . ‘.jpg’; $image->saveImage( $url , $imageURL ); $image->resizeCrop( $imageThumb , $imageThumb , ‘1:1′ , ’75x’ ); $imagePreview … Continue reading PHP: ImageHelper

Shell: Reindexing Spotlight on your Mac

Spotlight indexing can slow your machine if you have low memory. Doing it repeatedly may stop your machine from working. This problem is a common occurrence with Mac machines. As I am a Mac user, I wrote a simple shell script that will help your Spotlight to stop reindexing your installed drive(s). This Shell script … Continue reading Shell: Reindexing Spotlight on your Mac