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iOS: Table View using Property List

Table Views are the most common object used to display lists of data to the user. This objects are highly configurable, they can be made to look different things. Mail, Contacts, and Messages to name a few apps using the Table View. Mail uses table view to display lists of accounts, folders, and messages, but table views are not limited to display text, they are also used in YouTube, Settings, and other applications, even though this applications has many different appearances.

iOS: Hello World using Objective-C Class and IBAction

iOS applications use Cocoa classes, and these classes use the Objective-C programming language so one must know Objective-C if he/she does wish to develop iOS apps. We all know shifting from a loss, non-strict programming language might find iOS’s syntax seem strange and difficult. Don’t worry, this strangeness and difficulties will give way to an … Continue reading iOS: Hello World using Objective-C Class and IBAction

iOS: Hello World

iOS is one of the most known programming language today in the mobile industry. The first iPhone was release date back June 2007 and has 350,000+ apps as of January 2011. Certainly, it is the most interesting mobile platform to date, and in the release of iOS SDK 4, things just got better. Things you … Continue reading iOS: Hello World