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iOS: AVPickerDimView

AVPickerDimView alpha AVPickerDimView is a simple class combination of UIView, UIActionSheet, and UIPickerView. Installation There are 3 ways to download and import the files to your project: Download: Using git subtree (recommended) git subtree add –prefix=AVPickerDimView –squash https://github.com/anjerodesu/AVPickerDimView.git master Using git submodule git submodule add https://github.com/anjerodesu/AVPickerDimView.git AVPickerDimView Download as zip Download the file: AVPickerDimView Project … Continue reading iOS: AVPickerDimView

iOS: NSString+HTMLHelper

NSString+HTMLHelper is a collection of methods that helps me deal with HTML tags and URLs. NSString+HTMLHelper Download Link GitHub Sample Usage: Please look at the demo project. It has sample codes on how to use the category. Methods: // Class Methods + (NSString *)mimeTypeFromURL:(NSURL *)pathForResource; + (NSString *)mimeTypeFromResource:(NSString *)pathForResource ofType:(NSString *)type; // Instance Methods – … Continue reading iOS: NSString+HTMLHelper

PHP: ImageHelper

ImageHelper is a simple PHP class that save, resize and/or crop photos. You can download the script in the links listed below. ImageHelper download link Gist Sample Usage : $image = new ImageHelper(); $imageThumb = ‘../images/thumb/’ . $imageID . ‘.jpg’; $image->saveImage( $url , $imageURL ); $image->resizeCrop( $imageThumb , $imageThumb , ‘1:1′ , ’75x’ ); $imagePreview … Continue reading PHP: ImageHelper

PHP: UPPEValidator

UPPEValidator is a simple PHP string validation class that will help validate email addresses, URLs, passwords, and phone numbers. You can download the script in the link listed below. UPPEValidator Download Link Gist Sample Usage : $validator = new UPPEValidator(); $string = ’09-088-909-8890′; // You can also use dots ( . ) instead of hyphens … Continue reading PHP: UPPEValidator