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Clang Language Extensions: instancetype

Objective-C is a rapidly evolving language faster than many other. ARC, object literals, subscripting, blocks: in the span of just three years, this is just an example of how fast it grows. One of the latest addition to ObjC is instancetype. Clang adds a keyword instancetype that, as far as I can see, replaces id … Continue reading Clang Language Extensions: instancetype

Snippets: NSLog and Macros Tips and Tricks

Tricks Some NSLog tricks I’m using on my escapade. These snippets are preprocessor macros that will help your debugging moments easier if not a lot. ALog This snippet will log everything every time you use it in a line. It will display the method name, the line number and the argument you gave. #define ALog(fmt, … Continue reading Snippets: NSLog and Macros Tips and Tricks

iOS: AVHexColor

AVHexColor is a class for iOS (iPhone & iPad) and OS X (Mac), inspired by the lack of hexadecimal colour integration of iOS. Install Recommended Podfile via CocoaPods platform :ios pod ‘AVHexColor’, ‘~> 1.2.0’ Alternatives Using git subtree git subtree add –prefix=AVHexColor –squash https://github.com/anjerodesu/AVHexColor.git master Using git submodule git submodule add https://github.com/anjerodesu/AVHexColor.git AVHexColor Download Copy … Continue reading iOS: AVHexColor

iOS: Hello World using Objective-C Class and IBAction

iOS applications use Cocoa classes, and these classes use the Objective-C programming language so one must know Objective-C if he/she does wish to develop iOS apps. We all know shifting from a loss, non-strict programming language might find iOS’s syntax seem strange and difficult. Don’t worry, this strangeness and difficulties will give way to an … Continue reading iOS: Hello World using Objective-C Class and IBAction

Objective-C: Categories

When writing our own program, you’ll often want to add some new method to an existing class. You can always add a subclass to an existing class if you want to add some more method to it. But there are limitations to that, not every time subclassing is convenient enough for people to subclass. For … Continue reading Objective-C: Categories