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Shell: Generate Git

A comprehensive script for Xcode projects that lets you generate .gitignore and .gitattributes in the directory of your choosing. Download You can grab the script here: https://gist.github.com/anjerodesu/5063843 Running the script Copy the script to your project folder. Open Terminal and run: cd path/to/your/project/ (if you’re not yet on your project’s directory) sh generate-git.sh AngeloAngelo Villegas … Continue reading Shell: Generate Git

iOS: Hello World using Objective-C Class and IBAction

iOS applications use Cocoa classes, and these classes use the Objective-C programming language so one must know Objective-C if he/she does wish to develop iOS apps. We all know shifting from a loss, non-strict programming language might find iOS’s syntax seem strange and difficult. Don’t worry, this strangeness and difficulties will give way to an … Continue reading iOS: Hello World using Objective-C Class and IBAction

iOS: Hello World

iOS is one of the most known programming language today in the mobile industry. The first iPhone was release date back June 2007 and has 350,000+ apps as of January 2011. Certainly, it is the most interesting mobile platform to date, and in the release of iOS SDK 4, things just got better. Things you … Continue reading iOS: Hello World